Video SEO in Hawaii

According to Hawaii SEO expert , Simone Delgado, when users are browsing the internet a video can be what brings them to your site and keeps them there. If they are visiting your site in the first place there is a reason for them stopping by. They want some sort of information or service from you. A video can be an intriguing alternative to a lengthy article to explain what your site offers and to keep the viewer interested.

Just like anything you can’t just post a video on your site and expect high traffic and results. The video must be relevant and entertaining and deliver a message to your audience. Lets say you are selling sunglasses on your site a video can be a good source of advertising your product and be a selling tool to make people stay on your site and browse your line of products. If the video is boring or unrelated to what your site offers then, chances are, the viewer will deem your site as questionable and move on to the next best thing.

SEO videos are also a great way to achieve organic search engine rankings that might not be attainable without optimized multimedia. By tagging your video with appropriate keywords it gives your site a better chance of ranking higher than a site that has similar content but no video. Keep in mind though that just throwing up any random video to gain natural rankings will only hurt your site in the long run. Keep the video appropriate or else visitors to your site will be confused and probably not want to stick around.

Keep the video short and to the point. Have a game plan when producing it so it is a successful addition to your site and does what it is supposed to do. A lengthy, drawn out video will bore viewers and most likely cause them to browse elsewhere. A good SEO video will be inviting, entertaining and to the point. Need help uploading a video for SEO purposes contact us at 201-688-7170.

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