The Pillars of SEO

The top websites on Google, Yahoo and Bing are positioned where they are for a reason and they work to maintain their position on a daily basis. If your online campaign is not structured to compete with and overtake these top sites, your website will remain in a perpetual state of playing catch up.

Search engine and internet marketing is all about determining the right ingredients for success. Once achieved, the results can surpass all expected goals. The secret is to determine the right strategy for your industry and niche.

Even in today’s ever changing search engine arena, there are still a few factors that are universal for an effective campaign. A website should contain the following foundation building blocks:

  1. Quality non-duplicate content Definition: Content is the text and all of the words that appear on your website. Non-duplicate means that your content doesn’t appear anywhere else. Quality by definition is something that provides a value to the end user – your visitor.
  2. Quality links from trusted sources Definition: A link from one web page to another web page acts as vote of popularity. The more quality links you have, the more popular you may become. The stress is on the “may become” because not all links are created equal.

A link from a trusted website (for example: a highly ranked informational website in your industry that mentions your site in an editorial aspect) is going to have a lot more weight (for linking purposes) than a link from a new blogger who just made his first post or a link from a “links page” from a reciprocal link request. With that said, trying to game the system by only going after a links “perceived value” is a very bad idea.

There are other crucial aspects that will effect your campaign, but these two foundation building blocks should be incorporated into your website – if you desire more visibility and increased exposure on the search engines and the internet.

There are many ways to incorporate the above strategies. Some of the widely used methods include; blogging (plus networking with like minded bloggers and social media sites for exposure and links), article/tutorial creation (plus distribution and syndication) and social media marketing – such as online networking, podcasting, video logging (aka vlogging, video blogging and video casting) and social bookmarking.

Please remember that these are just some of the very basic aspects to consider when developing and/or enhancing a SEO, search engine marketing or local internet marketing campaign. If you prefer immediate one-on-one assistance, contact us for a free confidential consultation.

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