SEO Copywriting

Why is a good copywriter so important to the success of a website in Hawaii ?

Doing business in Hawaii without a website copywriter can be an expensive mistake. When you’re competing for business in Honolulu or anywhere in Hawaii, a website copywriter should be part of your marketing team. A website copywriter – together with an expert website designer – means your site won’t be stuck back on Google Page 15 when shoppers come searching for what you sell.

Professional SEO Copywriting in Hawaii

When you commit the time and expense to put up a smart-looking, smoothly navigable website – and leave a website copywriter out of the equation – you risk wasting your investment. An experienced website copywriter provides the “right words” to bring in the “right Hawaii buyers.” What are the “right words?” They are called website content – those keywords and keyword phrases that accurately describe the benefits of your product or service. Targeted keywords increase the chance that a website will achieve top ranking in Google and other search engines, putting you in the company of qualified buyers.

Content is still King.

It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating: Content is king on the Internet. That is what search engine spiders “see” as they crawl the web. Cyber-spiders don’t see the same things our human eyes spots. Google and Yahoo don’t notice pictures, drawings or clever flash. While such design elements can be significant to a website’s appeal, it is the way website content is written that determines whether your website will enjoy first-page placement.

Without the right keywords, your efforts will be in vain.

If you’re a lawyer who makes a living in Hawaii, you want your website to appear Google Page ONE every time someone in Honolulu types “Hawaii lawyer” into Google. You might also want to show up for “Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Lawyer in Honolulu” – but it cannot happen unless those keywords show up in the right places and the right number of times on your website page. Thats where we come in, Elvis Arias can help reach the top spots on Google for any relevant keywords in your industry.